• Our Story

    Embracing the Bare Skull
    Once upon a time, a young man found himself facing a hair-raising predicament - male pattern baldness in his mid-20s. He futilely tried various methods to regrow his hair, but to no avail. Desperate for a solution, he delved into the world of hair regrowth, only to be met with disappointment.

    Realising he needed to embrace his baldness, he took the courageous step of shaving his head, leading to newfound liberation and compliments. However, he soon encountered a new challenge: finding the right products for his bald scalp.

    Fueled by frustration, he embarked on a decade-long quest, diving into research and seeking expert advice to create the ultimate products for men with bare skulls. After being met with skepticism from manufacturers, he finally found a partner who shared his vision.

    Together, they brought to life The Bare Skull Company, a brand dedicated to empowering every man who proudly flaunts a bare skull. Their journey is a testament to embracing individuality, challenging conventions, and finding confidence in one's unique path.

    Welcome to The Bare Skull Company, where we celebrate the beauty of baldness and offer products designed exclusively for those who rock the bare skull look. Join us on this epic adventure, as we help you look and feel your absolute best - with pride in your bare skull.

  • The Bare Skull Vision

    At The Bare Skull Company, our vision is to empower every man who shaves their head with the ability to look and feel extraordinary. We are dedicated to achieving this vision by delivering a comprehensive range of high-quality products, offering valuable information, and providing unparalleled customer service. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the grooming experience and ensure that every individual who embraces a shaved head can exude confidence and excellence.

  • The Bare Skull Pillars

    Derived from nature

    All our products have been developed with natural ingredients, selecting only active ingredients that provide benefits for all skin types of men who shave their head.   

    Formulated by science 

    We have worked hard in the lab with Australia's leading chemist’s to develop and refine our products that provide real benefits for healthy scalp care.

    No skulduggery

    The Collins Dictionary defines the word “Skulduggery” as behaviour in which someone acts in a dishonest way in order to achieve their aim.

    We firmly believe in the values of honesty and integrity, aiming to provide information,  products and customer service of the highest quality. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our products are cruelty free and vegan.