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Meet our Hero: Skull Matte Moisturiser!

  • Achieve a sophisticated, matte look.
  • Balances and mattifies oily skin.
  • Deep hydration for up to 72 hours.
  • Promotes skin healing and reduces signs of aging.
  • Suitable for scalp and face, perfect for bald men and head shavers.

Experience the ultimate in skincare luxury!

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  • cruelty free

    No testing on animals ever

  • vegan image

    No animal products used in our products

  • all skin types

    Our products are suitable for all skin types

  • paraben free

    Our products are paraben free

  • no sulphates

    Our products are sulphate free

  • naturally derived ingredients

    Our products contain high quality naturally derived ingredients

  • Australian made and owned company

    Made with premium products in Sydney, Australia

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Welcome to The Bare Skull Company

Your one-stop-shop for an elevated head shaving experience.

Our expertly crafted range of products is specifically designed for bald men and head shavers who are looking for exceptional results.

Our premium range uses the finest natural ingredients, coupled with cutting-edge scientific formulations, to ensure that you achieve outstanding results every time you shave. We understand the common challenges faced by bald men/head shavers, which is why we have meticulously developed a comprehensive collection of products and ingredients to address these issues.

Our products are specially formulated to:

  • Combat Razor Burn, Bumps, and Ingrown Hairs: Our specialized formulations effectively target razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs to provide soothing relief and promote a smooth complexion.
  • Regulate Sebum Production and Deeply Cleanse: Our products reduce pore size and cleanse the scalp effectively, regulating oil (sebum) production and leaving your head fresh and shine-free.
  • Alleviate Dryness and Itchiness: Our products maintain optimal moisture balance, effectively tackling dry and itchy scalp issues. They provide ample hydration without leaving behind a shiny residue, ensuring a healthy and comfortable scalp.
  • Diminish Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Illuminate Skin: Our formulations minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and brighten your skin, resulting in a captivating, vibrant scalp.

At The Bare Skull Company, we are dedicated to providing incredibly effective products, empowering you to exude confidence while looking and feeling your absolute best. Our exceptional line of products promises to enhance your head shaving experience like never before.

Order now and elevate your shaved head experience today!